Project Description
XPS2Image is a simple command-line utility for converting XPS documents to images.

Currently the code only converts XPS documents to jpg images.

Project Inception
I was playing around with the microsoft tag beta ( and I wanted to make images of my tags so they could displayed on my websites. I couldn't find a program that converted XPS documents to images, at least something free. I found some sample code by Dennis Quintela, but the code did not compiled in .NET 3.5.

So I updated the code to work with .NET 3.5. I have some ideas for extending this code into a more flexible and useful utility.

Project Goals
  • Both command line and UI versions of application
  • Plugable interface for converting XPS to different file types
    • Extended goal: plugable interface for converting pdf and other file types as well.....

Dennis Quintela gets credit for the initial inspiration and starting code.

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